Maternity Home Tax Credit

Missouri taxpayers can receive a tax credit for up to 50% of their contributions of $100 or more to qualified maternity homes. Donations of cash, stock, bonds, real property or other marketable securities help organizations like The Sparrow’s Nest assist pregnant women in carrying their pregnancies to term. The Sparrow’s Nest is a qualified maternity home for the Missouri Maternity Home Tax Credit. For details about who can claim the tax credit and how the credit works go to the Maternity Home Tax Credit page on the Missouri Department of Social Services website.

For an understanding of the potential impact of this tax credit in allowing you to spread your donation dollars further – a $1000 donation to The Sparrow’s Nest could earn you a $500 Missouri state tax credit which comes directly off your total tax bill.  If you owed the state of Missouri $750, the $500 tax credit would reduce your tax bill to $250 and you could potentially count the entire $1000 as a donation off your federal income tax as well.  For a $1000 donation, you could save more than $800 off your taxes depending on your tax bracket!

If you’re ready to claim a tax credit for a donation made to The Sparrow’s Nest, download the document from this link: Maternity Home Tax Credit Application.  Print the application and complete the following sections:

  • Taxpayer identification block: Taxpayer Name, Telephone Number,  Address, Identification Number, Date of Donation, Amount of Donation, Amount of Tax Credit and Taxpayer Type.

  • Taxpayer signature block:  Taxpayer Signature, Printed Name and Date.

See page 2 of the application document for complete instructions. Donations made in 2017 must be submitted on a separate application from donations made in 2018.

Mail the application(s) to:

The Sparrow’s Nest
6209 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. #119
St. Peters, MO 63304
Attn: Mark Hollander, Treasurer

If you need assistance in completing this form or have any questions about the tax credit, please contact Mark Hollander at


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