Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ 2017-03-26T21:40:01+00:00
What’s the difference between the Volunteer Interest Form and the Volunteer Application? 2017-03-26T21:48:37+00:00

The purpose of the Volunteer Interest Form is to allow you, a potential volunteer, to start a dialogue with us about the possibility of volunteering for The Sparrow’s Nest. By filling out the interest form you are simply telling us you’d like to know more. You are not obligating yourself in any way. If you intend to simply work an event for the Sparrow’s Nest, such as help with carriage rides at the Princess Dance, or help with registration at our golf tournament this is the only form you need to complete.

The purpose of the Volunteer Application is to formalize your interest in working as a regular volunteer for The Sparrow’s Nest. The application is longer than the interest form and the goal is to be able to place you in a position that is beneficial to you and The Sparrow’s Nest. There is no need to fill out a volunteer application until you are asked to do so by one of our staff members.

I really have a heart for the young women and children who will be served by The Sparrow’s Nest. How do I volunteer with these young families? 2017-03-26T21:38:16+00:00

If you have a passion for working with our residents you can become a TLC (Teaching and Learning Coach) Volunteer. This process includes our application, meeting with our Volunteer Coordinator, training and other volunteer opportunities prior to working directly with our residents. For more details please see the TLC Volunteer section on our Become a Volunteer page.

I have a gift or talent that’s not addressed by your list of volunteer opportunities but I’d like still like to volunteer. What should I do? 2017-03-26T21:38:47+00:00

Contact Alyssa Hilburn and share about your gift or talent and let us come up with a way together for you to use what you’ve been given for The Sparrow’s Nest.

Where is the greatest need for volunteers at The Sparrow’s Nest? 2017-04-03T15:23:13+00:00

We’re serious when we say any volunteer opportunity listed on our Current Volunteer Opportunities list is vital.