Fundraising Ideas

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  • Educational House Party – Invite friends and family over to your house for a fundraising event. Make a special dinner, host an educational speaker,  or just introduce people to Sparrow’s mission.
  • Golf/5K Outing – Hit the links and invite friends and family to register for the Sparrow Scramble golf fundraiser or the RUSH 5K.
  • Book Clubs – Organize a book reading as a fundraising opportunity for Sparrow.
  • Sparrow Madness- Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Having some buddies over to watch the World Cup? Watching March Madness? Add a donation bowl for Sparrow next to your chip and dip bowl. Every year, thousands of people bet on the Super Bowl, March Madness, the World Series and other national sporting events. Why not turn it into a fundraiser for Sparrow? Take sign-ups and bets. Instead of the winner winning the pot after the games are played, send your pool of money to Sparrow to help care for teen moms and their precious babies
  • Hobby Clubs – Invite your hobby club to produce a special fundraising event for Sparrow. Feature your hobby creatively while incorporating Sparrow’s mission.
  • A-Thons for Sparrow- Get sponsors within your group to pledge money to an individual to swim, walk, skate, bike, dance, read, etc. You can have several swim-a-thons, walk-a-thons, skate- a-thons, bike-a-thons, dance-a-thons, or read-a-thons going on all month.
  • Going to Bat- Organize your group into slow-pitch ball teams. Give each team a creative name. Schedule a round-robin of afternoon games and advertise the event to attract sponsors and fans. Charge a small admission and have vendors sell finger foods and beverages. Members of each losing team must donate a specified fine—winners give a free-will donation.
  • Game Night- Take sign-ups for people to meet in small groups in homes to play bridge, canasta, pinochle, spades, dominoes, poker or other games. Have them meet once a month, rotating from home to home within the group. Each time a group meets, each player donates a set dollar amount to Sparrow. Collect the donations at the gathering each month.
  • Group Garage Sales-Establish groups of families to pool items and hold a mass garage sale. Make sure that all your customers know that the proceeds are benefiting those in need here in St. Charles County.
  • Office Teambuilding – Use Sparrow as an office team builder to raise money together around the holidays or a special date. Create friendly competition among departments for a larger event.
  • Family Fundraising – Rally all your relatives and extended family to join in a Sparrow Holiday Fundraiser. See what a difference you can make when you work as a team to care for teen moms and their babies.
  • Organize a Hike – Grab some friends and pick your favorite local trail. Turn this healthy hike into a fundraising event for Sparrow.
  • Coffee Break-Make coffee or tea available to your organization during break times. Ask for a donation to Sparow in return for each drink.
  • Dine Out for Sparrow-Contact restaurants in your area and explain that your group wishes to raise money to benefit Sparrow. Explain to them who Sparrow is and ask the restaurant to participate by donating a portion of its sales on a specified evening or during specified hours established by the manager. Agree to publicize that the restaurant is helping, and encourage members of your community to eat at the specified restaurant or restaurants.
  • Personal Triumphs – Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, use your creativity to turn it into a Sparrow fundraising event.