• What are you doing with that bird thing again?

    A what kind of home? What are you doing at the robin’s, bird, you know that sparrow thing? I get these kind of questions all the time it is not always due to my braces and lisp. I thought I would spend a little bit of time telling you can expect from The Sparrow’s Nest […]

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  • Our Kitchen Table

      This is my kitchen table. This is it’s best side. Up close you can see that it’s laminate has been melted off in many sections due to hot pots and unfortunate incidents with fingernail polish remover. If you sit at the far right hand corner you will receive the blessings of glitter forever imbedded […]

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  • If I had known would I have still done this?

    God started me down a arduous journey two years ago. I was naive enough to think it might just be a long run. My runner’s head thought I would just push through a few more rough miles on some unknown terrain but I could do that pretty easy. However, the conviction God put before broke […]

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  • Kinda makes you want to pull your hair out

    Remember we first got started? We just had that seemingly simple plan of we’ll get a house, follow some state rules, recruit some great staff, mostly run it on a shoe string and volunteers, and just fill these girls with the love of God. We’re still trying to keep it simple but this mission is […]

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  • If I Get Hit By A Bus

    A few members of our team have shared some interesting conversations and follow up emails last week. The main subject is if I die. In and of itself this topic is a bit disconcerting. But, we were mostly talking about properly sharing and storing passwords to our bank accounts, document storage, and other important pieces […]

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  • House hunting can make you nutty

    You may have seen me doing some pretty strange things around St. Charles County over the past 100 days or so. You might have seen me stalking for sale signs. You may see me with a measuring tape marking off lengths. If you were driving behind me you might find it odd as I slowly […]

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  • Part 3 God whispered Nehemiah: And you thought I forgot what I was doing

    And you thought I forgot what I was doing… A couple of weeks ago I started this series on Nehemiah and how the re-building of the wall relates to the Building of The Nest for The Sparrow’s Nest. I bet you thought I wasn’t devoted to finishing this series. But… In Chapter 4 of Nehemiah […]

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  • Part 2: God whispered “Nehemiah”

    Priests to Perfume Makers Nehemiah 3: 8-9 Uzziel son of Haraiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section; and Hanaiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that. One of the most fascinating things to me about this passage is the diversity of the workers. Nehemiah inspired priests, goldsmiths, rulers of other districts, […]

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  • Part 1: God whispered “Nehemiah”

    Do you remember when your toddler was learning to build with blocks? They would take those 2 or 3 blocks with those little mitten hands and try over and over again to stack them up successfully. During the process they would undoubtedly get frustrated when the blocks would fall over. They might eventually throw them […]

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  • He Didn’t Exactly Smile When We Shook Hands

    In fact, I was a bit intimidated by the presumably 6″4′ young black teenager I was meeting. I was in the very small kitchen of a very small house right in between Kingshighway and Martin Luthur King Dr. The walls had been patched with cardboard to keep out the cold. Five African Americans were wondering […]

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