• Weekly Prayer Blast 7/1/12

    1. Prayer Meeting tonight to bring glory and honor to God. Pray many people can be a part of it this month. 2. Thanksgiving for continued support from our supporting churches 3. Praise for all the donations God has blessed us with this month 4. Renewed energy, strength, and passion for all involved in this […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 6/25/12

    1. The search for The Nest continues. Pray for efficient use of time and resources on the search. Pray for clear stepping stones to the house God intends for us. 2. Pray in advance for favor with the city and licensing officials 3. Pray in advance for our future neighbors to be gracious and understanding […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 5/21/12

    1. Continue to pray for funding to help Build The Nest 2. Pray the owners of 1023 First Capitol will donate their building 3. Pray for new volunteers coming on, for the development of a volunteer management system, and for those already volunteers to remain soft hearted and understanding as we grow up. 4. Continue […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 5/28/12

    1. Our board members and their busy schedules 2. Board member Carla Klaskin grand baby to be born in August 3. Board Member Cesar Silva baby to be born in October 4. Board Member Melissa Martin while she’s on vacation in St. Thomas & her children while she is away 5. Waiting on info from […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 6/4/12

    If you would like to receive these weekly prayer requests via email please contact Jan Peery at Please join our monthly prayer meetings the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Locations TBA. 1. Pray for our financial development plan to take off with individual donors and grants. 2. Pray for Gods continued […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 6/11/12

    1. Praying Psalm 119 to stay the course God has put before us and not go out on our own out of frustration or impatience. 2. Pray for the two people interested in joining the board. Pray for hearts of passion, strong balance of time and family, 3. Pray for continued guidance and discernment regarding […]

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  • Weekly Prayer Requests 6/18

    1. Praise for God being who He says he is and for all He has blessed Sparrow with 2. Praise for the tremendous praise and worship evening with The Attic 3. Praise for the outpouring of support at Chick Fil A Spirit Night 4. Pray for favor from city if we need re-zoning permission. 5. […]

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  • Go ahead! Take your best shot!

    Pick a page, any page! You want a piece of this?? Do us a favor and run through any or all of the website pages and give us your opinion. Pick us a part. We can take it! Is it easy to give online? Is the content useful? What would you like to see? What […]

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  • Just ONE

    March has been such a blessed month. After months of no donations we have been the recipient of literally thousands of dollars from your generosity. We’ve made connections is the community that we’ve spent 12 months trying to make. Our fundraising season is about to take off with a very successful speaker and reception with […]

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  • Doors are opening

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when God’s people pray He really does hear us. Satan can convince us that our prayers fall on the deaf ears of a God who completes wishes on a whim. It becomes too simple to let our gaze drift and forget God’s promises like: He who began a good […]

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