• I wonder what song she will sing

    I find myself frayed and raw once again. I kind of look like the crazy cat woman to be honest. You would turn and walk away if we met in a dark alley. I’m edgy, anxious, argumentative. I’m fighting some unseen enemy so my talons out, ready but I’m not sure what for. It’s a […]

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  • The Sparrow’s Nest Announces the 2013 Good Egg Award Recipients

    The Sparrow’s Nest is a completely volunteer driven organization. We have the Best in The Brood, our Favorite Fledglings, the Nest Builders, and those loveble Yolk Folk. With all the amazing hearts, minds, and souls represented from the area churches as well as the business community you can imagine how hard it is to pull […]

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  • I looked a Goliath in the eye

    I am a hope filled person trying to create a house of hope but I had to look something in the eye today that shook me to the very core of every fear and nightmare I have. I joined the Alliance for Life conference participants on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood to pray for the […]

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  • Why I’m Grateful for No Quiet Spots to Work

    I’m at The Nest and gratefully can’t find a quiet spot to work. Dust is being churned up outside as truckload after truckload of mulch is being delivered for the prayer garden and front flower beds. Girl Scout Troop #4140 is upstairs giggling as they paint the large bedroom they have been working on for […]

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  • I’m actually in need of more cake myself

    I waited for what seemed forever for last Thursday and it was over and done with before I could blink an eye. If you didn’t feel the earth shake at 3 p.m. CST on July 25th, board chair Kevin Thompson and I signed the documents to secure 6730 Hickory Tree Lane as the first home […]

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  • What’s new with The Sparrow’s Nest?

    So, what’s new with The Sparrow’s Nest is one of those questions I’m never exactly sure how to answer. It depends on how much time you have to sit and listen to my brain dump. 🙂 This is my attempt to give you snapshot just from the past week or so to keep in you […]

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  • Creating Communities of Love

    John Tischer preached a beautiful word on love yesterday at Harvester Christian Church. I wish I could re-post the whole sermon here but I will suffice with two quotes that pierced my heart. If we regard a person with agape, it means that no matter what that person does to us, no matter how he treats […]

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  • Celebrating a Sparrow Champion Today: Susan Andrews

    Celebration of Life. That is the center of The Sparrow’s Nest DNA. We celebrate the life of Christ that enables us to live with grace and mercy and forgiveness. We celebrate the life that Christ holds for us eternally. We celebrate the unborn life and the life of all of us in need of second, […]

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  • If I Had A Different Mother, There’s A Chance I Might Not Be Here Today- Guest Blog by Jackie Howell, high school student

    It’s easy to take life for granted; we live each day without thinking about the times where we could’ve died. Let’s face it; every time we drive a car or take a bite out of our sandwich, there’s a chance that things could go wrong. Great way to start a day, right? But there’s a […]

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  • So what’s the hold up? Let’s Rock n Roll!

    If you haven’t heard our great news we signed a purchasing agreement yesterday with Faith Chapel to purchase an already existing house in O’Fallon to be the first Sparrow’s Nest! God’s timing and faithfulness have been so poignant through this whole process. We are very grateful for the leadership of Board President Kevin Thompson and […]

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