Career Opportunities

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Part Time House Aide/Direct Care Staff 2017-10-17T20:50:12+00:00

O’Fallon, MO
Salary: $9.00 /hour

The Sparrow’s Nest is accepting applications for the position of part time house aide. We are looking for an incredible, go with the flow, positive person who doesn’t need things to be the same everyday. This person needs to love Jesus and feel confident in sharing their testimony. We want an energetic person who loves babies, can stand up to tough teen girls, and be humble enough to clean toilets and empty the dishwasher. This person loves being part of team and sees themselves as a valuable and integral piece of making this ministry work.

Hiring Process
We try to be as transparent as we can about who we are and who you are. We pray that God will reveal His will for you at Sparrow and that He would share that with us as well. Our hiring process is as follows:

  1. Serious applicants can send questions, resumes, and references to Elisa Zieg at
  2. You will receive an email back with a few questions.
  3. Based on those answers you may be asked to proceed by completing the job application.
  4. After your job application has been reviewed you may receive an invitation for an interview with the house manager.
  5. After that interview the business manager will check your references and verify previous employment.
  6. Your final interview will be with the Executive Director.
  7. Depending on these results you may be invited to a 4 hour on-the-job trial with the house manager.
  8. We will then make our decision and you will be invited to begin your orientation and a 90 day trial.


  • Commitment to The Sparrow’s Nest Mission.
  • High School Degree or equivalent and some previous residential care experience.
  • Experience in residential setting or work in related field involving experience of a practical nature working with youth.
  • Ability to manage residents ages 19 and under effectively, flexibly, and dependably.
  • Good oral and written communications skills.
  • Be a committed Christian, active in a local congregation and willing to share faith on a personal level.
  • Be qualified on the basis of personal character to work with expectant/young mothers and on their ability to serve as part of a team.
  • Be over twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Must provide proof of a valid Class E Missouri driver’s license, must submit an annual driver record check, a copy of which will be on file in the employees’ record.
  • If transporting residents in a vehicle owned and operated by the Home, liability insurance is provided. If transporting residents in a personally owned vehicle, proof of liability insurance must be provided.
  • Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to each of the young women according to her specific needs.
  • In their attitudes concerning teenage pregnancy, staff should have a neutral stance on adoption vs. raising the child, but must have a pro-life belief.
  • Shall have a compassionate understanding of each young woman and her unique situation.
  • Shall not be the perpetrator in a substantiated report of neglect or abuse ever.



Reporting Supervisor:          Executive Director

Persons Supervised:            Residents, Volunteers

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Maintain strong and positive communication with House Manager and all staff as well as volunteers and in particular TLC volunteers.


  • Establish and maintain therapeutic, professional relationship with residents.  Assist new residents in becoming acclimated to home. Address problems that arise with residents and take appropriate action when emergencies arise. Orient new residents to rules, programs, expectations, and responsibilities during their stay at The Sparrow’s Nest.


  • Maintain security of home at all times. See that all residents are in home for mandatory meals and by curfew. Answer phones and doors, maintaining professional and courteous manner at all times. Take messages when needed.


  • Monitor supplies and report shortages to House Manager. Dispense appropriate supplies as needed to residents.


  • Assist in meal preparation as needed and kitchen clean-up. Make sure the residents leave the dining room and the kitchen clean. Occasionally provide childcare for residents.


  • Assist in daily routines and transport residents to appointments or school. Support daily educational programming and resident goals.


  • If needed supervise volunteers and special programs during shift; ensure that volunteers record time and attendance in visitor logs or, if appropriate, in Shiftplanning. Supervise residents in completing special projects during shift.


  • Attend weekly staff meetings as scheduled.


  • Record all donations in receipt book. Give original receipt to donor and keep copy of receipt. If donor does not require a receipt, the donation still must be recorded in receipt book for tracking.


  • Assign chores to residents as needed. Inspect chores upon completion to ensure that they are done appropriately, timely, and thoroughly. Work with residents who need additional supervision or guidance in completing chores.


  • Maintain knowledge of and enforce all House Rules.


  • Maintain cleanliness and safety of house by storing donated items, straightening cabinets, keeping office area clean, other light house keeping duties.    


  • Complete 40 hours of training a year including but not limited to First Aid, CPR, suicide prevention, substance abuse, separation and attachment.


  • Additional duties as instructed.