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  • The Power of a Penny

    By: Erica Grogg, House Manager A few weeks ago, I was at the Missouri Christian Convention telling people about Sparrow. At one point while I was at our booth, a precious little red head boy came up to me and was so excited when I gave him a piece of candy (with his mother’s permission, […]

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  • Expect and Attempt

    By: Erica Grogg, House Manager “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” –William Carey I first heard this quote a few months ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I have it written on my Bible for the daily reminder of why I am in this, why I am fighting […]

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  • Authenticity

    By: Erica Grogg, House Manager Authenticity. Every time I read or hear this word, a picture of a young child learning how to pronounce it pops up in my mind. Can you see it? Can you hear it? AWE-THIN-ticity. This word seems to have been the theme of Sparrow this past week, but before continuing […]

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  • The Power of One

    The theme for this year’s March for Life is “the power of one.” As I think about the 1000s and 1000s of people descending on Washington DC today I think of the power of one life in little Miss Kaylee. Right now Miss Kaylee is almost 5 months old. Her only cares in the world […]

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  • Maybe it is wrong of me to call them “mine”

    My girlies. My lovelies. My princesses. These are some of the words I use to describe the young women that choose to come to The Sparrow’s Nest. I hold my breath while they make the decision to come and I revel in God’s timing for each one. I hold my breath when they leave willing […]

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  • James Agee: Hope for Humanity

    By: Cindy Lawson, Board Member James Agee (1909-1955) came of age in the 1930’s, a time of want and need in a previously prosperous country. While working as a journalist during the Great Depression, he lived among Alabama sharecroppers which resulted in his essay “Cotton Tenants”. Despite his experience in an environment that might have […]

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  • Listen to my story: Guest post by Jasmine J.

    Hello everyone my name is Jasmine J. and I have been at The Sparrow’s Nest for about 6 months now and here is my story. In the beginning back in January 2017, I wanted to be on my own. So I moved out and into a trailer with my boyfriend, our son and his grandpa. […]

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  • Providing Relief As A Process: Guest Blog by Karen Wall

    I love it when volunteers send me the coolest texts of encouragement and then I turn around and ask them if they could make it into a blog and they say yes! Get ready for some beautiful encouragement from one of our lovely TLC volunteers Karen Wall. ~Carissa “You’ve got to use the life you’ve […]

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  • We are short at least one box of tissues after this past week

    I think you can relate that sometimes we just have to put our nose to the grindstone and get things done because we it is just the right thing to do. There is an item on the checklist that just needs to be checked off no matter what. Unfortunately that is how I approached a […]

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  • Made in the Image of God

    By: Lois Lanham, House Aide Sometimes I have a hard time admitting when I am struggling. At times it is an issue of pride; I simply don’t want to let anyone know about my perceived areas of failure. Often, though, it is my assumption that everyone else is strong, handles stressful situations well, and wouldn’t […]

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